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Personal Shopping/Shopping guide

For those of you who are either looking for a new look, a new image, don't have the time to shop or simply hate shopping, just contact me via the contact form. I would love to take care of you and help you in all matters concerning the topic of Styling.

Special pieces

You're looking for special piece and don't know where to shop? Which brand? What's the price? You don't know anything about it? Need some help with the fit? You saw a celebrity wearing a cool piece? You're not sure if the piece you want to buy is original? Just send me an inquiry with a short description, a picture, a link or any information you have. I love to help you guys.

Special occasion

It doesn't matter if you need an outfit for a gala dinner, a wedding, your first date, a party or your job. We'll find the right outfit for every occasion. I'm an expert in the fields of High Fashion,Trends and Sale Items. As your shopping guide I'll pay attention on your personal style and budget.


Fashion Coaching


Together we'll take a look at your personal wardrobe at home. What else do I need? What


Wardrobe check

Together we'll take a look at your personal wardrobe at home. What else do I need? What are the key pieces that we all should own? We sort out together, combine your outfits and discuss your personal shopping list.

Gift service

Gladly. I'll take care of your errands for special occasions like christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and many more.


If you're a magazine, company or photographer and looking for some help for your Shooting, Editorial or Campaign hit me up with a message.


Give away my services for every occasion.


All inquiries in Germany can be implemented very quickly. Everything else by appointment only.

I'm looking forward to your messages! Stay stylish!



Fashion Stylist & Editor