Joomla Development Company Dallas use different content management systems are facing security problem to development of the website and the several reasons are available for this type of problem, content management system generally uses password files to each account but thing is here that in same directory most of the content management systems use password and setting location, it is very easy also to locate sitting in a same account and it can be modified also after gaining partial access on this type of account and the admin penal run in the same domain and this penal also uses the same code base, this admin can install a plug with that helps of this plug he can modify and change anything in the database, so thing is here that these plugs may be corrupted, Hire joomla developers and get updated, self modified or fraudulent plugs and due to that security issues are coming in content management systems. To improve your security related issues which are coming with the content management systems here we are providing some instructions with the help of those instructions you can be able to resolve some security related issues. Backup of your content management system is very necessary before you are going to apply any types of changes and it is also recommended to regular backup of the your content management system and you can use any tool also to take a backup, if you want more advanced and convenient solution to create backup is code guard, with the help of code guard you can restore your site and if there is any change arise, which you want to rid of. Installation and use of Joomla on cloud site